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Our boutique-style healing centre is home to a collective of highly skilled and experienced professional therapists who are truly dedicated to helping our community thrive.

We understand that life’s adventures come with surprises, and sometimes you find yourself in circumstances that physically limit you. Our team can empathise; we live, work and play as enthusiastically as you do. That’s why we offer unique, personalized services to help you face physical challenges head-on and acquire knowledge that helps you stay healthy.

After 20-plus years of providing expert compassionate care, Rossland Physio Founder and RPT Sandi Jewell was inspired to share her extensive education and experience and grow the professional team. Each of us specializes in areas and treatment modalities that ensure we effectively work together to help you maximize your healing potential and maintain your health.

Our Philosophy

Rossland Physio believes in maintaining and improving physical health, so you can do the things you love.

It’s our privilege to help patients make sense of their bodies. We sincerely desire to help people understand their injuries and ailments. It’s our mission to support our patients in healing, rising above physical health challenges, and improving overall health.

Injury and pain are pieces of a unique and complicated puzzle that must be looked at on a large-scale, yet personalized level. Rossland Physio believes in collaborating with other health care and fitness professionals to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. Over the years, we’ve built an impressive network of providers both in the community and beyond. When we make referrals, we feel confident that our patients will receive the same high standard of care and compassion that we provide.

Meet Our Team

Sandi Jewell

(RPT) & Owner

Sandi Jewell believes life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

With 26 years of clinical experience, Sandi is a well-established, trusted professional. She has built her career in BC’s West Kootenay region, where she integrates her passion for healing and inspiring wellness into her lifestyle. Once a national-level modern pentathlete, (that’s fencing, swimming, horse jumping, shooting and running—all contested over 2 days!) Sandi still enjoys pushing her body to new heights. Physical fitness and spending time in the outdoors remain her passions; she can regularly be found exploring the local mountains, lakes, and rivers on foot, bike or skis, or even tackling challenges like competing in a Spartan Race.

With warmth and a friendly demeanour that match her expertise, Sandi has extensive training and experience in orthopaedics and manual therapy. After recognizing a need for additional education, support, and coaching in order to ensure exceptional outcomes in orthopaedic surgery, Sandi now focuses primarily on outpatient pre-and-post-op (or injury) planning and rehabilitation services, as well as Gunn IMS therapy. Patients undergoing procedures such as joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs, meniscus repairs, or back surgery greatly benefit from Sandi’s comprehensive advocacy and coaching.

"I hold so much gratitude for all the patients I’ve met along my professional journey. It’s such a privilege to be invited into each unique story, and it's such a gift to be able to help people overcome challenges and move forward in health!"

Dominique Ring


Dominique Ring is inspired by the complexity of the human body and its natural ability to heal.

Originally from Saskatoon, SK and raised in Calgary, AB, Dominique moved to BC in 2011 and instantly fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle. Dominique enjoys adventuring with her family, as well as cooking and knitting in her “little old house” in Rossland while listening to Neil Young.

Empowering others to discover and understand their bodies was foundational at the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy (OVCMT) in Vernon, where she studied and later instructed in musculoskeletal anatomy and neuroanatomy. She continued her education in that department as a member of the college research team. Her treatment sessions combine various techniques, including myofascial release, Swedish massage, and joint mobilization, focusing on restoring postural balance. Coming from an instructional background, Dominique values educating her patients to help achieve optimal results.

“The Kootenays is an amazing place to live and work. It’s a privilege to work with so many inspiring people and help them on their journeys.”

Cindy Devine


Cindy Devine has been a high achiever since she skipped the first grade.

Known for her incredible athletic abilities in windsurfing and mountain biking, Cindy rode as a pro mountain biker and Canadian National Team member for eight years, taking home the World Downhill Mountain Bike Championship title in 1990, with repeated wins to follow.

She approaches her physiotherapy practice with the same dedication and commitment to personal and professional growth. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from UBC's Rehabilitation Medicine Faculty in 1981, Cindy’s established a successful career that’s spanned nearly 40 years. She continues to share her skills from her home in Rossland, BC., focusing on Cold Pulse Laser therapy treatments, kinesiotaping, gua sha dynamic cupping, SCENAR, functional exercise prescription, posture, breath, and core training. Cindy is passionate about physio because it helps her reach her physical best and allows her to assist others in doing the same.

"I love working in Rossland because everyone I meet is so committed to dealing with their injuries or dysfunctions. They take ownership of the cause, accept the recommended treatment approach, and forge on with a positive attitude to their healing. What a pleasure it is to keep seeing people like this—and to help them get better!"

Spencer Hachey

Spencer Hachey


Name a sport, and it’s likely Spencer Hachey has participated in it. His fascination with physiotherapy began with learning to overcome injuries he sustained playing competitive hockey and football. Spencer has lived many lives; before starting his physiotherapy adventure, he spent over 15 years in the trades as a carpenter, electrician, and commercial landscape foreman. He enjoys the outdoors and the self-sufficient lifestyle of chopping wood, construction, and gardening from his chosen home in Rossland, BC.

With a desire to gain a global perspective in physiotherapy, the Alberta native studied and trained abroad in the Netherlands and Ireland before settling in Canada. He delivers a predominantly deep tissue therapeutic approach, incorporating modalities such as TENS and heat. Spencer specializes in musculoskeletal issues and helping clients with chronic and acute injuries/conditions. He also focuses on helping pre-and-post-operative patients and people with concussions. Dedicated to investigating and treating any issues affecting body function, Spencer’s end goal is to help others reach their fullest potential.

“I wanted to live in Canada where there was a healthier, more outdoors-based lifestyle than most cities; now I have the ideal location here in Rossland. I’m excited to learn from Sandi and continue my work at such a highly regarded clinic.”

Elyse Vickers

Summer Laser Technician

Elyse is driven by curiosity and considers herself a life-long learner. In her opinion, the best ways to learn are through experiencing life and getting curious about others’ life experiences.

Passionate about health and exercise, you can most often find Elyse exploring new hiking trails or challenging her limits in the gym. Elyse is currently a student at the University of Calgary studying Kinesiology and Business. She hopes to find unique ways to apply tactical business skills to her passion for health and fitness, in order to serve her community. In search of a new challenge, Elyse applied to work as a Laser Tech this summer in order to gain valuable practical experience in her field of study. Elyse is thrilled to continue learning and applying her kinesiology background while working as a Laser Tech this summer with Sandi and her amazing team!

Elyse finds fulfillment in pursuing a healthy life, and her ultimate goal is to encourage and assist others in doing the same.

What People Are Saying

Sandi Jewell is the best physiotherapist I know! I have rehabilitated from several athletic injuries and Sandi has been able to diagnose those injuries when other specialists could not. In her care I experienced excellent recovery and received helpful advice, which I very much appreciate as a Leadership Consultant and Coach.

Lesley Beatson,Rossland, British Columbia

I have been a client of Sandi's for over 20 years. She has been a major help for me, both with her knowledge and her kindness. My mobility and chronic back pain were terrible. Specialists told me to just live with it, but Sandi insisted that wasn't acceptable. Thank God for her! In 2011, after a very negative appointment with other specialists in Kelowna, she told me they were wrong. She gave me a list of different x-rays to have done. She was right; my hips were in bad shape. In 2012, I had both hips replaced and my mobility and quality of life have increased immensely. I’m so grateful for Sandi and her incredible knowledge. She is so sweet and kind and is always looking to other professionals for input to help treat her clients. I recommend her to any friend that needs help with issues. She is one of the best that I have ever met.

Jan WestburyTrail, British Columbia

Sandi Jewell is one of the best physiotherapists I have ever known. She strikes a perfect balance of brilliant clinical skills, brilliant mind, and a knowing intuition. She is very genuine and committed to her practice, which is demonstrated in her work. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I feel very well taken care of when in her hands...literally!

Kirsty Exner, MPTRossland, British Columbia

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