It is with so much gratitude and a whole lot of STOKE that I write this, my very first blog post on my brand new website that was born of one of the many silver lining of Covid-19.

For quite some time now I have felt an urge and a need to reinvent myself professionally.  Over an incredibly rewarding 25 years as a Physiotherapist, I have made several transitions in my career, and each one has been a huge learning opportunity and resulted in immense professional and personal growth.   I believe that once we start to “coast” in any aspect of our lives, we stop growing, become complacent and cease living life to the fullest!    It is only by stepping outside of our own comfort zones and rising to challenges that we start to feel alive again!

So, when Covid hit and I was forced to close my practise for over 2 months, I decided it was high time to listen to the nagging little voice in my head.  I had been standing on the ledge enjoying the view for long enough…it was time to jump off, feel the thrill of not quite knowing where or how I would land, and feel alive again!!

Thanks to Community Futures, I received some Covid “grant” money for my business, which I wanted to use to rebrand.   Through this opportunity, I have had the great pleasure to meet and work with such awesome people.  So much thanks to Justin and Nick of Bare Pixel (web designers) & Val Rossi and Kyla Girling (Writers Block Solutions) for working together and with me to make this website project a reality.

There is also some sweet nostalgia involved here, because 21 years ago I had a relentless urge to move from the Lower Mainland to the Mountains, so in order to secure myself a job, I bought and took over the Rossland Physiotherapist Corporation in 1999.  I ultimately sold that business, had several professional reincarnations along the way, and now I am back full circle, re-branded and renamed “Rossland Physio.”

I hold so much gratitude for this community and my incredible and loyal patients who have supported me over all these years despite all the transitions.   I am beyond excited for this new chapter, and for all the new things we have to offer at Rossland Physio!